Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Holy cats!! If you haven't seen this flick, you must go right now. I was hoping this movie was going to be amazing, but with all the forced hype everywhere I was beginning to doubt it would be. Turns out, James Cameron knows how to make a thoroughly engaging popcorn movie.

Sure, you have seen the plot before (Fern Gully) and the acting, for the most part, isn't gonna blow anyone's socks off. But the visual style and the way you become invested with the characters is what makes this movie and all other Cameron movies so special. He is a master at making sure you care about the fantastic action sequences his characters go through. Much of that is credited to the best CGI I have ever seen and to Zoe Saldana for an amazing voice and motion capture performance.

I truly hope this wins a ton of awards. I feel a movie doesn't have to change your life to win Oscars. This made me cheer. I think that counts too.

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