Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I'm not even going to tell you what movie it's for.  Just know it has Amy Adams, Jason Seigel, and a bunch of furry things.  Hit the jump for amazingness!!!  I am so ready fo this film...

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Survivor made me happy this season

I'm not sure how many of you watch this long running show, but I just got into it three seasons ago.  The mighty Russel was the new thing.  Then came the All-Stars and now this season.  So many things happened this season that hooked me so good.  First of all there was Boston Rob.  My wife has been a big fan for years of this gentleman.  I'm glad I got a chance to see him compete for more than a few days this time.  Then there was Phillip...the "Secret Agent?" as they kept printing under his name.  He could quite possibly be the most insane man I have seen on the show.  OK, Naynay from a few seasons back may be the craziest, but Phillip really pushes that envelope.

Hit the jump for more opinions that will for sure have spoilers in case you haven't seen the finale yet.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

A small change...

So some of you may know that I recently added an addition to the family.  Because of this I have been spending a ton of time at home.  As anyone who has had a youngster will attest, watching an entire movie is sometimes a long and daunting task.  Sometimes it can take a few days to get through a movie.

Long story short, I have been a little lax on movies as of late.  I miss them terribly and there are SO many out that I would love to see but I find myself watching TV way more than movies on a daily basis.  In lieu of this I have decided to expand my blog to include television.  Many of you may argue that TV shows aren't really filmed that often.  Well neither are actual movies these days.  So I am not going to change my blog title.  It will still be "The Filmed Life".  I figure I am using it more of a verb like the act of filming something.  Plus it sounds better than "The Shot Life".  And Digital Domain is already taken.

I ask that you go ahead and join me in my love of all things acted on a screen (also to long of a title).  I hope I can still give you some sort of entertainment in your day.  This switch will allow me to connect to you on a more permanent basis.  I promise to not give away any spoilers to someone who may have not seen the episode yet.  I also promise to try and stir up conversations!  So please keep reading and posting comments.  Let's get this new ball rolling!!

Jason Bateman is everywhere

I am really hoping he doesn't get overexposed. It seems like Jason Bateman is showing up just about everywhere these days. He has that body swapping comedy with Ryan Reynolds and now "Horrible Bosses". This one looks to be quite funny as well. I do love me some Mr. Bateman and he just keeps delivering great things. Now if he would just get on that "Arrested Development" thing...

Hit the jump for the trailer for "Horrible Bosses".