Friday, April 08, 2011

New Lars Von Trier!!

Over at I found the preview for "Melancholia".  It is a beautiful looking movie surrounding a wedding and rogue planet that may or may not run into the Earth.  It is weird and intriguing and I wouldn't expect anything less from this director.  His "Dancer in the Dark" and "Dogville" are way up on my list of films I love.  "Dancer in the Dark" is one of my top five.  It is heart breaking!  Anyways, hit the jump to watch the preview.

Yes it stars Kirsten Dunst, but I'm not going to let that spoil it.  The rest of the cast is stellar.  Keiffer Sutherland?!  Heck yes!!

Melancholia from Zentropa on Vimeo.

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