Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Survivor made me happy this season

I'm not sure how many of you watch this long running show, but I just got into it three seasons ago.  The mighty Russel was the new thing.  Then came the All-Stars and now this season.  So many things happened this season that hooked me so good.  First of all there was Boston Rob.  My wife has been a big fan for years of this gentleman.  I'm glad I got a chance to see him compete for more than a few days this time.  Then there was Phillip...the "Secret Agent?" as they kept printing under his name.  He could quite possibly be the most insane man I have seen on the show.  OK, Naynay from a few seasons back may be the craziest, but Phillip really pushes that envelope.

Hit the jump for more opinions that will for sure have spoilers in case you haven't seen the finale yet.

Way to go Boston Rob!!!!  I was so happy to see him win.  When David stood up at the final council and let everyone know HOW THE FRICKIN' GAME IS PLAYED and why Rob should win, I have to admit I applauded and got way more happy than I should have.  You see my biggest issue with this show is that people get hurt and angry when they are voted out.  It's almost as if they have never seen an episode of the show in their lives.  It is a game where you HAVE to lie sometimes.  It is a mind game were you have to balance the line between loyalty and betrayal.  It will always be this way.  No one who is honest will ever win this game.  If you want that game you have to look elsewhere.  I was happy to see someone finally admit they were bested by a good player and want to vote for them for that reason.

Also Boston Rob was a joy to watch.  This guy is so cleaver and witty.  I loved that he just made up the name of the merged team.  He made it sound like something important and everyone just fell under his spell.  Jeff P. made a comment on the wrap up about it being the most perfect game he has ever seen played on the show.  I would have to agree.

The thing that bothered me the most about this season was Matt.  So many people praised him for his religious determination.  I saw it as something completely different.  Many times he said God made him continue in the game.  Yeah I am sure God wanted you to play a game to win fame and one million dollars.  In addition, the fact that he was just doing "God's will" even though he didn't want to brings up SO many issues for me.  This is an extreme example, but I really see that as no different than someone killing someone and saying it was God's will.  Allowing your decisions to be left up to someone else's will isn't religion.  It's a scapegoat.  Trust me, I have nothing against people finding faith in extreme situations, but there has to be a line.  You have to take responsibility for your own actions.

Lastly I was sad to hear that Grant and Rob are not on speaking terms.  It was apparent that Rob really enjoyed Grant's company.  He was visibly upset when he was voted off the show.  The fact that Grant couldn't see past the game of it all is another thing that bothers me about people.  It is a game.  I know wonderful people that get really nasty and dirty when they play games.  There is a huge difference between your real life and playing a game.  It saddens me that people cannot see the difference.  I wonder if those people go up to movie stars and are sad that Johnny Depp doesn't act like Jack Sparrow 24/7?

I'm excited for next season.  I don't know why I never liked this show before but my wife and I are definitely in it for the long haul.

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