Friday, March 04, 2011

Fantasy Film Friday #2

So we missed out on last weeks debate due to illness on my part.  So this week I had to come up with a doozy of a movie that we should debate on a sequel to.  I think I have come up with just the thing!!  There have been false rumors that Keanu Reaves has said there may be a Matrix 4 & 5.  I want to know what would make these worth watching for you!!  Give me some ideas on how these movies would get you out to the theater.  Also, let me know why these movies should never be made.  I don't want answers like "the last two sucked so they should just quit".  Let's get creative and see what we can come up with!!

My answers are after the break...

The only way these would really work is if we ditched Neo.  To be honest he was one of the least interesting parts of the original trilogy.  Seeing as the end of the third movie had him maybe dissolving into the system that may be a reality.  This also brings up some other points.  Is the war really over?  Will the machines actually let the humans be free?  How can they live together?  Will they go back on their word and continue to enslave?  Can we please get more detail on the main "city" the machines live in?

Or maybe we need to go back in time.  Morpheus had been searching for a long time for Neo.  He HAD to have some great adventures before.  There HAD to be people thought to be the one before he found Neo.  How did those stories turn out?  Or maybe we go back and see what happened when "the one" met The Architect in the past.  All of these could make for a great story.

Of course to make any of it work we need to be sure we have a good strong character base.  And for the love of god do not make the main character someone who is almost impossible to kill.  DO NOT let him die and then be brought back to life by a kiss/love or having there heart squeezed.  This makes for lame cinema.  No doubt.

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