Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Gah!!! Late Oscars recap

Life and sickness overtook me the last few days!!  Sorry for the late post.

So the Oscars happened, huh?  There really wasn't that much of a surprise in the winners.  There really wasn't anything too exciting about the telecast, either.  Most of the jokes were so clean and light that they didn't even make the audience laugh.  It was so frickin' polite!!  I still think Anne Hathaway did as good a job as she could.  She is really great at making something sweet and innocent seem sincere.  And damn can she sing well.  I hope that gets used in movies in the future.

My biggest disappointment?  I would have to say it was when Hailee Steinfeld didn't win for True Grit.  Especially since Melissa Leo's speech was completely insincere and phony.  I hated her so much afterwards.  Granted, I didn't get to see "The Fighter" yet, but it really made me not want to.  I'm sure I will, so don't get all angry at me.

Kurt Douglas was adorable.  That is all.

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P McG said...

I completely agree with you. Hailee should have won. Melissa Leo was really great in The Fighter but she was a little cuckoo.

I was going to do a post-Oscars recap, but I as well battled a bit of a cold and lost my window of opportunity.

I think his name is Kirk Douglas also. He did a movie ages ago with Arnold Schwarzenegger called "The Villian". Ann-Margaret is in it too. It's not the best movie, but it's pretty funny.