Tuesday, February 01, 2011

"127 Hours" made me squirm

Yeah, I know this movie came out in November.  I never got around to seeing it, so when they said it was going to be re released I was a happy camper.  I have heard all about this movie and how great it is.  I also was familiar with the original story so I was excited to see how this movie shook out.

Danny Boyle has made some of my favorite films.  "Sunshine" is still one of the most beautiful movies I've ever seen.  So I had high hopes for more awesome camera work and storytelling.  The movie starts out kind of weird.  Boyle uses a three-pane approach that makes more sense later in the film than at the onset.  It begins with loud music which greatly offsets the quiet that settles in later.  The images however, confused me a bit.  I get that it was supposed to convey the chaos of the city, it just seemed a bit over the top.  Regardless, the movie really takes off when our hero makes it into the canyons.  It is here that the crux of the movie takes place.  After a playful afternoon with some young ladies, Aron heads off to explore alone.  While going deeper into a small chasm, a boulder falls and traps his hand, and by proxy his whole body in a deep crevasse.  Just think about that for a second.  Alone in the wilderness with no way out and no idea if anyone will happen along.  That thought alone makes me never want to go rock climbing ever again.

At this point I want to admit that I am not a huge James Franco fan.  I have enjoyed him, but have never really been on the Franco is amazing bandwagon.  This movie went a long ways to change my mind.  His subtle way in which he brings this character to and from delirium is amazing to watch.  As Aron has to wait trapped in his confined environment, he begins to go a little bit daffy.  His ramblings and visions are wonderfully portrayed.  I don't feel he ever really went over the top.  He was content to show us what was happening internally through his eyes.  Kudos, Mr. Franco.

I really can't speak too much about the movie without giving too much away.  For those of you who know how this story goes, you know what to expect.  My wife wasn't familiar at all with the story and she was on edge the entire time trying to figure out how he gets out.  For those of us that KNOW the story, I will say that the scene you all know is there and done well.  And even knowing the story, there is plenty extra things to know about.  Who knows how close to the actual event this is.  Regardless it was a journey that I enjoyed sitting through.  Like Titanic, this is a known story that kept me interested all the way through to the inevitable ending.

8 out of 10

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